• Instructions for Frustrated People

    I got my start in SaaS writing Help Center and Knowledge Base content for big brands. My favorite part was learning to write in ways that felt frictionless to users, because it was a kind of empathy: People found our content when they were frustrated. They needed human, streamlined content that helped them get on with their day, which is (strangely) hard to do.


    Some articles I worked on include:

    Webpages for People, Not Robots

    It's not that "people don't read," it's that text is a design element--but the copy still has to tell a story.

    • B2B: Kopius
      This company was undergoing a rebrand after a merger. The biggest challenge was taking the existing webpage copy, which was engineering-and-jargon heavy, and making it accessible without losing our audience, which was tech-savvy executives.
    • B2C: Lightcurve
      This site is an ISP in Washington. It had changed its name and wanted to overhaul their brand in the process. I rewrote much of their website copy, and I also write emails and promotional copy for them through Veer.